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So how to I get paid for writing an article or review on HydrogenTechnologyToday?

We believe that your time is valuable! And more importantly we believe that what you have to write about and share with other Astronomers is valuable.
So in order to compensate you for taking the time to write and submit an article or review here, we would like to offer you a little incentive - CASH $$!

Here is how it works.
We will send you $5-$25 for every article or review that is approved for publication here on the site, period.
Occasionally we receive hardware from various Astronomy vendors and you might be asked to write a review on that specific piece of equipment. In this case, we will send you the hardware at no cost to you, and you will keep the hardware once the review or article is finished (this is effectively your payment :))
Otherwise payment is made using Business check, or Paypal services.

Write about anything!
We'll accept reviews or articles on any Hydro related topic.

If your review or article is chosen for publication here on we will contact you before actually publishing it on the site and you will know how much we will pay you for the writing.
You maintain all copyrights and will still "own" the work.

Start writing and earn some money for that new gear you have been pinning for !
We can't guarantee that every submission will be approved. And payment is based on content, effectiveness, and overall value.
You must have a Paypal account to be paid.