How to know you are hooked on Hydroxy (Top 10 list)

Posted on 5/27/2008
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  1. You stare aimlessly at the isles in Wal-Mart hoping to find anything stainless steel or glass to work for your next project
  2. You've Goggled the words "Stan Meyer"
  3. You've heard the words "you are going to blow yourself up" from a loved one in recent days
  4. You are absolutely convinced you are a real scientist working on a life changing invention for global relief of high fuel costs
  5. You've bought more than 5 gallons of distilled water just for the purpose of making solution mixes for your cells
  6. You Ebay the term "HHO" and "Hydrogen"
  7. The people at Lowes plumbing department know your name and after hearing what you are working on - are always surprised to see you the "next" time..
  8. Water, somehow - taste different these days when you drink it
  9. You've woke from a dead sleep with an idea for a new cell design
  10. Your wife is still looking for the baking soda and pampered chef stainless steel cookie jar collection

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