Dennis Lee on Dateline - The HAFC moment

Posted on 4/6/2009
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In response to the latest Dateline NBC "scam" series regarding the "water car" device by Dennis Lee.

If you didn’t catch Dateline this past Sunday (April 6th 2009) on the story about Dennis Lee’s much hyped about HAFC “Hydro Assisted Fuel Cell” ( you missed a good one.
Chris Hansen of Dateline has made a name for himself  by catching people in the act of doing something wrong. The Dateline shows such as “To Catch a Predator”  where they setup and nab online sexual predators are good examples of this.

He’s a bit of a bulldog  and he excels  at catching people off-guard while the cameras are rolling. That  makes for “good TV” and in most shows (such as catching sexual predators stalking children online) and gives everyone watching some sort of gratification knowing that those types of people being exposed in front of millions of viewers.

On this episode of Dateline, Chris Hansen and his team of cameras set out to prove to everyone watching that Dennis Lee and his HAFC were junk and nothing more than a scam.
They bought an HAFC kit from a dealer and had is installed onto a new Honda car. They has it lab tested by an EPA approved lab before and after the HAFC install then give the results on the show.
The installed kit costs $1900 from an approved Dennis Lee HAFC installer (dealerships cost $300,000 and up). The outcome of the install is no surprise since the show’s basis is ”uncovering scams”.
They basically found that the device doesn’t work as stated by Dennis, and took the car  back to the installer to  approach them with their lab  results which showed no MPG increase and no reduction in cost emissions.



Later in the clip they even approach Dennis Lee himself for a candid response on camera.

First of all, I don’t think Chris Hansen fully comprehends the technology behind the HAFC so the motive behind his questions was just for “camera shock”.
Given, I’m not an advocate for Dennis Lee but give the guy a break!
When Dennis was approached by an unannounced camera crew and media journalist (Mr. Hansen) at  his home  Mr. Lee actually stayed composed and  held his ground while the cameras rolled.
Eventually  he did go inside his house and shut the door on the cameras, but I feel like he gave some pretty good statements regarding the overall practice of Mr. Hansen’s “shock approach”.
There was no real opportunity to explain the device, or explain the test results in front of him.

Think about it for just a second. Imagine YOU  develop a commercial product and  truly believe in it. Then someone secretly buys one, secretly tests it, then show up at your doorstep one afternoon with the cameras they expect your response while the cameras are rolling.
You can’t even do that in a court of law! Whether the HAFC really works or doesn’t – the installer and Mr. Lee  should have been notified that their device was being tested and then an appropriate amount of time set aside for a meeting.

I know that Mr. Lee has a history with fraud and has even served jail time because of it. But the “ reaction while cameras are on”  type of tactic just isn’t  fair!
I’m more of a response kind of guy rather than a reaction. I just mean, OF COURSE you are going to get a defense reaction when you approach someone this way, not an appropriate response..

What you will see in this video is a “reaction” to a bunch of cameras being shoved in Mr. Lees face, and a bulldog journalist asking candid questions about his HAFC products.

Maybe it’s because Hydrogen generators and the technology behind them  are so dear to my heart, or maybe it’s because I also have a product (not quite on the market yet), or perhaps it’s just that I think Mr. Lee should have been given a better chance to explain his product to the public that likely was hearing about any sort of Hydrogen assistive fuel cell for the first time on Dateline.

It’s not just that Dennis Lee didn’t get a fair shake, but neither did the HAFC  or the technology behind it.

Click the big play arrow on the video below to see the Dateline Special (once you see an image)

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