All you need to know about Brown's Gas fuel savers

Posted on 5/3/2008
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Why a Brown's Gas fuel saver?

Brown's Gas (HHO-) gas is the latest innovation to increase gas mileage, increase power and improve emissions. Your car will not be totally dependent on water but will be a hybrid of sorts by utilizing water as a catalyst once it is broken down to Brown's Gas also known as HHO. By using Brown's Gas one can expect to see and increase in gas mileage of 20 - 50%. This is not new technology but is starting to get rediscovered as gas and diesel prices continue to increase.

How does it work?

With electricity from your vehicle's battery brown's gas is being produced
from water and catalyst. The Brown's Gas is directed to your vehicle's air-intake.
Because the Brown's Gas is, mixed with air,  a highly explosive gas (fuel) you
will be needing less conventional fuel (gasoline, diesel, LPG, biodiesel etc.)
Maybe even more important - air pollution will be significantly reduced.

Which one would be the best for me?

  • Safety first. Always choose a brown's gas fuel saver design with isolated electrodes or electrodes that are not be placed in the gas. Connections could very easily reach a temp. that could ignite your gas, or a connection can come loose causing spark making it very unsafe. your flasback arrestor will do nothing for this situation.
  • If your vehicle has a oxygen sensor you need to install a lambda control otherwise no fuel savings at all.
  • In general - the more browns gas your fuel saver produces the more savings

How to install a Brown's Gas Fuel Saver

In general Brown's Gas fuel savers are easy to install.
Not all manuals by the different manufacturers are complete.
Make sure you watch the following: 

  • Do not install near by any excessive heat such as, muffler exhaust. Otherwise your fuel saver could overheat and the water will turn into steam. Plastic fuel savers might even melt.
  • Do not install near by moving parts such as fans or belts
    always secure your fuel saver to a steady place
    do not leave any wire or hoses hanging or lose, always attach
    do use distilled water only
  • Make sure power shuts off automically when engine is turned off
  • Make sure you install a flashback arrester in the gas line. A (extra) bubbler is recommended.

How to use a Brown's Gas Fuel Saver

Only use distilled water and catalyst.
Only refill your fuel saver when cold and engine turned off.
Only turn on your fuel saver when engine is running.
Do not exceed power recommended by the manufacturer.
(in general 20 amps. is the limit.)  
Do not modify your fuel saver as of this could be dangerous,
void manufacturer's warranty or destroy your fuel saver.

Which Electrolyte / Catalyst should I use?

The following 3 catalysts are commonly used:
Baking Soda (Natriumbicarbonate), Naoh and KOH

We recommend distilled water and baking soda.
(cheap and save to work with, buy it at your drugstore).

54 OZ.  distilled water and 1 tsp. of pure baking soda =
1,6 liter distilled water and 11 gr. of pure baking soda.

In general; electrodes of stainless steel will rust (slowly). 

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