HHO and Hydrogen Generator Safety Tips

Posted on 7/24/2008
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1) Don't ever ignite the output of the HHO
2) Read above again - don't do it, you've been warned. Just YouTube.com the words "HHO explosion"
3) Don't handle the electrolyte with your bare hands
4) Use safety bubblers
5) Don't direct connect a HHO generator to your battery for a 'test' run
6) Stay away from glass jars if you can help it
7) Don't 'walk away' from a generator during testing, you never know what can happen
8) Don't pressurize the output
9) Use only DC current unless you really know what you are doing
10) Ask lots of questions, and DON'T believe everything you hear
11) When spacing opposite elements (+-+-+-) ect, use good spacers, underwater sparks are very bad
12) Fuses are good, circuit breakers (manual reset) are good too
13) Look into flash-back arresters, but be cautious
14) Try not to dork too much with your vehicles electronics
15) When outputting HHO into your vehicle, it may not pass an emissions test
16) DC low voltage ignition connections are the best to use as power could still go to a generator when key is on by engine isn't running - which could build up HHO in intake pockets.
17) Make sure your HHO generator isn't connected to a high vacuum input - it will act as a straw to the water and electrolyte and suck the solution into your intake.
18) If you are filming your experiments, try a test run before actually turning the camera on- unless you 'like' surprises on film and making everyone else laugh, in that case - go candid.
19) And if you are putting videos online, explain what you are doing instead of just playing music in the background. This isn't a safety tip - it's more of a plea..
20) Eye protection is a good thing, I know we all hate to wear it - but I'd hate to think of losing an eye to Lye, or shattering plastic, glass, or such.

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