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Hypermiler is a term coined by Wayne Gerdes to describe a driver who strives to exceed their vehicle's EPA fuel economy rating. In conventional vehicles they can often match the mileage of an average person driving an equivalent hybrid. Hypermilers driving hybrids tend to achieve tremendous mileage, with some even exceeding 100 MPG . That being said, anyone can learn a wide variety of these skills. This site is dedicated to educating the driver of these techniques, so that they can raise their vehicles fuel economy no matter what they drive.     1515 views
Official Moe-Joe Cell Website
For those interested in a more powerful design, smaller, less expensive form of the Joe-Cell, come here.     1291 views
Water for fuel website
This is the site for loyalist of the Hydrogen Revolution and the launch pad for new converts. This is the birthright of the X-Generation and a solution to a world of money problems, pollution, depleting oil reserves, and diminishing returns.     1119 views
Hydrogen Garage
Hydrogen Garage LLC is just what it says : "a garage operation". Garage to Garage. An online business selling parts to make home made hydrogen cells, parts, circuits, etc. for the home mechanic/technical /experimenter. We do NOT sell consumer products, only parts for the genius in you. A simple add onto your existing vehicle and or gas powered generator. Might as well sell something that helps clean our car's emission, save MPG and clean up your engine and create more horsepower and help stop Global Warming from too much carbon monoxide posioning. Way better product that some of the stuff that people can sell online today. The more the exposure of "on board electrolysis" the better.     1311 views
The Water Powered Car
made this site because the people will parish without a vision. No one seems to have any courage, everyone is comfortable, fat & complacent and do nothing to help. Get off your ass and do something. "Son, , are going for your free ride into Heaven?" Score big time with the Creator, install a hydro-booster today!     1340 views
Protium Fuel Systems Research & Development
A pioneer in the field of hybrid and alternative fuel systems with special emphasis in furthering 'hydrogen on demand' technology and products. Protium Fuel Systems has created unique methods of engineering hydrogen production that will reduce the need for petroleum based fuels and remove the toxic discharge from cars, trucks, mass-transit and electrical generation, all while bringing our polluted air & water to a pure state. Protium Fuel System's journey of development is to evolve, incorporate and market 'hydrogen on demand' technology and commercially viable products, paving the Hydrogen Highway into a reality today, instead of tomorrow.     1425 views
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