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Energy Tomorrow - Blog Talk Radio
Water Fuel Museum Vol. 1 Here you can listen to Volume 1, including our first show. Check out the other volumes. To make a donation and to get a book on the history of turning water into fuel, go to our webpage: www.waterfuelmuseum.org    2052 views
The Open Source Builders Network    1669 views
iRi - Integrity Research Institute
Integrity Research Institute (IRI) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping establish integrity in scientific research, primarily regarding the physics of energy, whether it is in the technical, human health, or environmental area.    1599 views
The Orion Project
The Orion Project is a not-for-profit corporation created to transform the current energy, environmental and social crisis into a world of sustainability and enlightened abundance    1546 views
Hypermiler is a term coined by Wayne Gerdes to describe a driver who strives to exceed their vehicle's EPA fuel economy rating. In conventional vehicles they can often match the mileage of an average person driving an equivalent hybrid. Hypermilers driving hybrids tend to achieve tremendous mileage, with some even exceeding 100 MPG . That being said, anyone can learn a wide variety of these skills. This site is dedicated to educating the driver of these techniques, so that they can raise their vehicles fuel economy no matter what they drive.     1515 views
HHO Car Club of America
The purpose of the club is to establish that internal combustion engines can, through the addition of on-demand HHO (OxyHydrogen) technology improve power, fuel efficiency, while dramatically reducing harmful emissions to the environment    1512 views
Zero Fossil Fuel Website
My mission through this web site is dedicated toward the realization of this goal. All of my alternate energy research once published here, on YouTube and any other medium is immediately released into the public domain without limitation. Build it, use it, even sell it. BUT YOU MAY NOT PATENT IT AND YOU MAY NOT BURY IT!     1508 views
HHO Country
Here you will find useful information to help you build and perfect your own HHO projects. This site combined with the HHO Country forum will provide you with resources and an online community to help and support your desire to help the environment and to help keep your hard earned dollars in your own pocket.     1490 views
Crazy Fish Farmer website
Vapor Carburetors, GEET, and interesting videos    1469 views
Private Power Projects - Home Spun Energy Basics
Good home projects based website with serious energy learning behind it.    1432 views

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