HHO Dry Cell Plans that work!

Posted on 8/17/2009
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After working through countless articles and how-to's on the Internet, I finally found a decent set of plans for a dry cell I wanted to pass along to the visitors of Hydrogen Technology Today.

The plans from (click) Dry Cell Plans .com are about as comprehensive and straight forward as you get.

They are provided by Punch HHO so I know there is credibility behind the plans as well.

What you get for $50?
You'll get detailed plans to build a 1 LPM (liter per minute) HHO Dry Cell that operates at only 10 amps.
It's clean, and works.

The instructions are downloadable written instructions that you get to keep (to build additional dry cells if you like)
And they do include an automotive installation guide as well.

Most of the drawings included are in 3D and are step by step so you can follow them easily.

You also get a complete "laundry" list of parts with part numbers and where to get them - this will really save you alot of time.
Finally, you get access to a full HD quality video of the actual building of a dry cell so there is no question if you are building correctly or not

I found the plans easy to follow, and the parts easy to attain. Check below for my build of the unit.

Hope you guys find this useful! Click here to get the plans I'm talking about to build your own dry cell HHO generator

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