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Last Update 4/13/2011

So where is the HT7? In 2009 we partnered up with a manufacturing company in Mexico City, Mexico. After months and months of working together, we felt we had a solid product that we could bring to market. There was just one problem. HEAT! Although the HT7 worked flawlessly and improved gas mileage on many tested vehicals - it couldn't be operated for long periods of time without getting too hot and shutting down. So after over-spending on the product development budget, myself and the the team of engineers put the project on a shelf. I've recently been in contact with them to tell them I am going to finish the development of the product on my own, so be patient everyone! This will not become another forgotten technology! I hope to bring a smaller, and better running unit to the market sometime this summer.

Here is some technicall information about the cell itself.

The HT7 Pure Hydrogen generator uses a PATENT PENDING process to allow the complete separation of Hydrogen and Oxygen from water in the only series cell design for Hydrogen output!
Depending on your engine size, you can see up to 100% fuel economy boost!
Other generators mix the gases into "HHO" during production which confuse the vehicles emmisions and computer system and usually result in a degrade in MPG performance.

The HT7 Pure Hydrogen has the benefit of you not having to modify the vehicals electronics to "trick" the engine into using the booster.. No EFIE, no O2 extendors, no MAP adjustments, no MAF tricking!
The output of the HT7 generator approaches close to 5 Liters Per Minute (LPM) of pure 99% Hydrogen!.

Self Installation takes about 2 hours and requires very little modification to the vehicle.
The output is Hydrogen only for input into the vehicles Engine through the air intake.
It litterally replaces part of the gasoline consumption with something 3X more powerful - Hydrogen!
It turns normal 87 octane unleaded gasolone into 120 and higher octane ranges with dramatic reductions in carbon emmisions.

The HT7 specifications:
• Output is 99% pure Hydrogen for vehicle intake
• No need for added Oxygen, MAP, and MAF enhancers to “trick” your vehicle to use the Hydrogen efficiently. Unlike “HHO” generators, you will notice increased MPG right away.
• Plug and play installation and operation, no soldering or wire chasing required. It’s all done for you - just connect up and go!
• Advanced output with built in monitoring – you know when the fuel cell is on and functioning.
• Small footprint under the hood, just 9” tall and 5" round
• Very safe, Operates at less than 10 PSI with 2 other points of safe operation level
• Low maintenance, only have to check the water level
• Multiple units can be installed together for combined output (large trucks, diesel)
• 1 year warranty on HT7 fuel cell unit , 90 day FCCM electronics

HT7 Fuel Cell kit includes:
1- HT7 Hydrogen Fuel Cell
1- 1.5” Safety bubbler
1- 20’ of ½” heat resistant hose
1- Fuel Cell Control Module (FCCM) and wiring harness cable
3- Starter packs of electrolyte
1- Packet of cable ties
1- Complete detailed instructions with accompanying DVD

(Early product demo photo - the commerfial product will vary)

HT7 Technical specifications
Size: 9" x 5" diameter
Operating Amps: 15-50 amps
Operating Temperature: 140F degrees max
PCM: Advanced dual electronics at 12-13V DC
Circuit Break: 50 AMP inline
Operating pressure: < 10 PSI
Max Hydrogen Output: 5 / LPM
Low voltage break: 5 amps
Electronic Override: On/Off rocker switch
HT7 dry weight: 4 lbs
HT7 when filled: 8 lbs
12v -13v DC system
Fuel: Distilled H20

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