Rules & Usage for

Listing items or auctions in Classifieds

All Ads placed on are subject to removal or edit by if it violates one of the following rules;
  • Contains explicit or illegal information,pictures, or materials whatsoever
  • Contains false or untrue information relating to any product or service
  • Leads to fraudulent activity on your behalf
  • The ad is deceiving or deceptive in any way

In addition to these rules, takes no responsibility for any ads. We are acting only as a medium for a buyer and a seller to sell or buy Astronomy related equipment and Non-Astronomy related equipment.

Feedback system

The feedback system is only intended to give you an idea of what type of seller or buyer you are dealing with. We believe that people in general are good - and hopefully the system can and will be used to aid you in verifying such.
All feedbacks left by anyone, for anyone will remain in the system without edit, period. The only reason a feedback will be 'taken back' is when the system itself is in error.

Reserving an item

Reserving is simply a means of marking an ad PENDING for all other users to see.
Once an item is marked pending, then no-one else can reserve it until the seller decides to finalize the deal with the requester or by marking the ad FOR SALE again.
If you are the one putting the item on "RESERVE" then by all terms you are testifying to buying it.
Make sure you want to purchase the item before RESERVING it. Make as much contact and gather as mu information as possible about the seller and item up for sale prior to making the commitment to purchase. The seller , AT ANY TIME can refuse the sale to you.

Those are the rules! Obey and place nice, and everyone here can have a pleasant experience.
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