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HHO Gas Kit to Run your Car on Water / Hydrogen.

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Listed date: 4/4/2011 6:16:52 AM
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HHO Generator Kits - Based on Stan Meyer's patent. We offer ready to plug and play type HHO generator kit to help you get started with using HHO. The pressure gauge and Flow meter helps you measure the gas production while experimenting with the HHO technology in your "Car Garage Lab". This is the latest development from the Labs of HydroxyGarage. The kit being offered has undergone rigorous testing. The tubes have undergone many hours of gas production during numerous experiments involving square wave pulsed DC current over a frequency range of 0 - 500 KHz generated by our DC Gated Pulse Generator. You may separately order DC Gated Pulse Generator which is an improved replication of Stan Meyer's pulsing circuit specially designed for HHO. HHO gas also known as Brown gas or Hydroxy acts as a catalyst or an efficiency enhancer of an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), when mixed with Gasoline or diesel while reducing the harmful emissions to a great extent. Hydrogen being the most powerful source of energy, generates more power from the combustion while increasing the torque. Model KT16T12L1MSL This HHO Generator Kit uses SS316 Tubes as electrodes. Delivery : 2 Weeks Description HHO Generator Kit complete with high pressure flexible tube, Bubbler, Pressure Gauge, Flow Meter, KOH and clamps. Cell : Uses 6 pairs of tubes of Dia" 1" and 3/4" and 8" active length, cell height 12". Bubbler : Made of transparent polycarbonate materials. Pressure Gauge : Measures upto 16 Kg/ Cm2. FlowMeter : Measures upto15 LPM. Tube : 3 mtr long flexible tube of ID 8 mm, to withstand 10 Kg. Tubes : Seamless SS 316 Cell : Dia 110mm Height: 11" made of Acrylic/ Polycarbonate

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