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Hi everyone and very sorry for the long delay between postings! We have been working really hard on getting the HT7 all Hydrogen fuel cell out to the public and I'm afraid the website paid the price! I have checked everything over here and the galleries, and news, etc.. all seem to be working again but if you spot an error let me know - Thanks!

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Don't forget to check out the new article on Chris Hansens cover story about Dennis Lee and his HAFC. There are also a few new videos in the video section.

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Here's to hoping for great advancements in HHO and Hydrogen technologies in 2009!

Alt-fuel inventors to gather for expo
MANATEE High gasoline prices have made cross-country automobile trips more expensive and to some prohibitive, but Ozzie Freedom and Ari Cohen set off from Los Angeles on Monday morning for a 16-day excursion to Palmetto.

Along the way, the two engineers plan to spread the gospel of HHO technology and when they arrive share their experience with hundreds of other enthusiasts of the alternative fuel process who will be attending the HHO Games at the Manatee County Fairgrounds from Nov. 11 to 14.
...Full story

Join the newly created Yahoo Group for Hydogen Technology
I've created a Yahoo group dedicated to Hydrogen Technology and tied to this website, so take a moment to join in on the discussions here

Pre-order for the HT7 Hydrogen only fuel cell
Pre-orders are now being taken for the new HT7 Hydrogen Only fuel cell from Hydrogen Technology Today. This is the first and only fuel cell of it's kind - being it only outputs Hydrogen into your vehicals intake, not HHO gas. This completely does away with the need for other modifications to the vehicles electronics.

More info and ordering here

This special pricing is for pre-orders only through July 31, 2008

First images made of hydrogen burning in working internal combustion engine
ARGONNE, Ill. (June 22, 2006) Images of hydrogen combustion have been captured for the first time in an internal combustion engine operating at real-world speeds and loads by engineers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory. This window into the inner workings of a hydrogen-powered engine is helping to optimize the engines for street use some day.

Researchers in Argonne's Engines and Emissions Group are experts at imaging the interiors of working engines. A few years ago, their X-ray images of combustion inside a diesel engine revealed a surprising shock wave as diesel fuel spurted out of the fuel injector. This earlier research is helping to improve fuel injectors and increase diesel efficiency.

Their current research focuses on hydrogen the most abundant element on earth and one of many fuels being evaluated worldwide as a near-term alternative to gasoline.

"Hydrogen-powered internal combustion engines (ICEs) are a low-cost, near-term technology," explained mechanical engineer Steve Ciatti, who is the project's principal investigator. "They can be the catalyst to building a hydrogen infrastructure for fuel cells." ...Full story

Joe Cell Stretches the Believability Envelope with Working Replications
Explanation of the highly unusual technology and some of the astonishing claims surrounding it. This fuelless technology could make gasoline and diesel obsolete, while not requiring a change of the engine infrastructure now in existence.

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Hello out there! Welcome to a brand new site dedicated to Hydrogen fuel cell power! The site launched officially today! I'm excited to gather a group of individuals where we can collaborate on ideas and designs for HHO fuel cells and report research findings and more!
Please take a moment to join the group and lets get going dodging these $4 a gallon gas prices.

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